The 14' trailer I bought for the 12 footer just doesn't work for Oblio.  There's too much weight behind the wheels, and all attempts to fix the problem have failed.  It fish tails like crazy, and to make oblio fit, I had to cut off some of the railing.  The railing gave the trailer most of its strength, so sooner or later, something would have failed.  So, I'm selling the red trailer and building a new one of my design for Oblio.  I figure, one creation deserves another :-)

Eventually, the trailer will be completely enclosed, with the back door doubling as a ramp.  With the bed tilted up 2' above the tongue, it'll have a near seamless angle, which is extremely shallow.  I could almost push Oblio up onto the trailer myself without using any thrust.  Well, almost, I'm sure.  On top of being a garage for Oblio, the trailer will also serve as an ice house, storage shed, and camper with fold down beds.  Yup, this'll be fun!

Update:  Decided that with my current truck, enclosing the trailer would be a bad idea for long distance trips.  However, it's designed for it and can be added at any time, just not by me.  I've since sold the trailer to a UH-18SPW builder.  Click here for Oblio's new trailer :-)


20'10" X 8'3" tilt bed
23' overall length
23" high deck
24" tires (I know what you're thinking :-)
3500 lb torsion axle

    Sticking stuff together

Working on the tilt.

Test fitting the axle

    Here's the half finished tilting tongue.  I used 2 sizes of pipe, one fitting inside the other for the pivot.

    Here's a close-up of the pivot.  Notice the angle iron mounting supports.  There are two pieces welded together.  One to keep the inner pipe from sliding out, and the other to help hold the outer pipe on.

    The trailer's now flipped, and I'm ready to add a few more braces, and finish welding the cross members.  The tires stick through the deck by 1", 5" at full travel, which gives plenty of clearance for Oblio to sit above them.

    Another shot of the tilt pivot.  There's still some trimming and welding to be done.

    Yeah, paint would be good.


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