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    Here's the thrust engine.  It's a '96 Yamaha V-max 600 which I've been told puts out around 90 hp.  The engine weighs only 100 lbs or so.  Of course, this will be offset by the extra fuel needed to power this monster.

    Here's my lift engine.  It's a Honda 16 hp OHC V-Twin weighing in at only 67 lbs.  I could have gone with less HP, but for the weight, it can't be beat.  Plus, it's a V-twin, so it's extra smooth.

     Here's a better shot of the studs used to support the lift engine mount.  They're embedded into 2 1/2" of laminated 1/8" ply, glassed into the duct wall.  Each one more than supports my weight.

    A closer shot of the lift engine.  She's getting ready to be installed!

    Looks kinda tiny in there, doesn't it?  I'm sure that after I burn through a few tank fulls (18 gals), I'll be ready for an auto engine.  lol



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