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    More foam has been laid down for the plow planes.  I decided to wrap the planing surfaces all the way around the hull, including the back.  To prevent tree branches and other objects from ripping off the back portion of foam, I've angled it on both sides.

     Here, you can see how the back portion of foam has been beveled inward.

    Here are the water containers used to hold the foam down while the epoxy cures.

    All 24 containers...That's a lot of water, especially in the middle of winter!!

    You can see the lines I've drawn on where the angle will start in the hull.

    With a hotwire and sander, I've cut the plow planes.

    I've added 4 landing skids made from 2X4s, trimmed to 1 1/4" X 2 1/2", and have angled both ends to prevent catching on stuff.  All of the edges have been sanded round as well.   Using a router, I cut notches in the foam 1" deep for each wood skid and have foamed them in using 2 part Urethane foam.  This leaves 1 1/2" of skid sticking out from the hull.  Later, the skids will be covered with Kevlar felt for skid protection.

    You can see I've rounded off everything, preping for glass.  Sharp edges tend to catch everything, and fiberglass doesn't make sharp bends.

    The bottom has been glassed with 12 oz. biaxial fiberglass and a layer of 5 oz. tight weave glass over top.



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