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    Ahh, back on track.  Here's the new engine, a 1986 Chevy Sprint (Geo Metro) 3 cyl. 1.0 liter engine.  It puts out around 45 hp, which is roughly half of the Yamaha's power, but it'll suck down around 3-4 times less gas.  That means, with my 18 gallon fuel tank, I should be able to to a hoverin and a half without refueling!  I like that!  Plus, no mixed fuel!

  Terry something (sorry Terry, what's your last name again??) was EXTREMELY generous by giving me this engine after hearing me bitch (vent) about my Yamaha misfortune.  We took a couple of hours to pull it from the car, and he's worked with me a lot setting it up, getting it ready to start again.  If I remember right, all but 1 vacuum hose has been plugged.  Most of the hoses coming off of the carb are for emissions and so forth.  I guess I don't plan on trying to pass the DOT emissions test. lol

  Jerry Coffman helped me out tremendously with the engine mount.  I was completely baffled on how to mount the engine until he sent me a couple of pics of his arrangement.  It worked great, and should hold strong for years to come.  The radiator is off of a '96 Metro and will be rubber mounted soon.

    The donor car had a cracked bell housing which prevented the starter from turning the flywheel.  Instead of buying a new bell housing and cutting a chunk off to mount the starter, I made one from 3/8" aluminum using a tracing  that fellow hovercraft builder, Rob Tilton made.  He has the same type of engine and designed this starter mount.  It seems to work great, and I've turned the engine over a few times using the starter in it's new mount.  Thanks Rob!  Also, Dennis Alm loaned me his very nice Miller welder.  Without it, I would have been in big trouble as my welder just died.  Thanks Dennis!

    Here's the belt tensioner.  I'd say it works pretty good, but I haven't really tested it yet.  By all accounts, it should be just fine.  I bought a couple of idler pulleys at a bearing shop and sandwiched them between two pieces of flat stock using a bolt and 3 brass bushings.

    Here's my custom exhaust.  It turned out pretty slick, and is rubber isolated to boot.  I just reused the mounts I made for the Yamaha exhaust.  The muffler is just a $19 cheapy, but it works great, and is VERY quiet.  There's no exhaust noise at all.  once I put a shroud over the engine, nearly all of the engine noise should be muffled.




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