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    Finally!!  I "kicked" the duct out and started filling in the nail holes and other imperfections of the duct.  2 upper duct support fins will be added once I install the thrust engine mount.  The fins both keep the duct round, and help prevent the prop from rubbing the duct while accelerating.

I'm in a bit of a rush to get the hovercraft ready for storage outside because I'm losing the garage VERY SOON.  Therefore, I'm forced to put a hold on some details, like a windshield, and a slick-as-snot finish.

    I've pretty much finished filling and sanding.  There are a few areas I need to touch up, but for the most part, it's done.  Next step, PAINT

    Like the rest of the craft, micro balloons were used to fill.  They sand very well, and leave a nice finish

    The dashboard is starting to come together.  I just have the key switches on now, but soon there will be gauges and switches everywhere. lol

    1/4" plywood fins have been added to add support to the duct, and to move the duct with the engine mount under heavy torque situations.  This is important, otherwise the prop could go right through the duct after jamming on the throttle.

    The fins are glassed to the duct, and bolted onto the engine mount with 1/8" steel brackets, made from 3" wide plate steel, and beat into shape with a vice and hammer :-)  Also, the mount has been changed a bit.  The old upper mount wouldn't allow the upper pulley to align with the bottom pulley.  I couldn't move the whole thing forward because the carbs and exhaust manifold were in the way.  So instead, I chopped it off at the top and welded on another piece of tube, welding the upper bearing mount to the side of that, giving me 2" of clearance.  Make sense? LOL, just look at the pic.

    Here's the "Finished" engine setup.  I put quotes around finished because nothing on a home built hovercraft is ever finished :-)  I have to give a huge thanks to Dennis Alm for allowing me to use his extra nice drill press to drill the mounting holes in both the prop and fan.  Thanks Dennis!

    I still have some radiator hose issues, but thanks to Matt Starbuck, they'll be resolved soon.  Also, thanks to Matt, I have a prop and fan.

    The Radiator came from a Suzuki RF600 bike and should work great.  It's only 4-6" from the prop so plenty of air will flow through it.  It came with a fan unit, but I don't think I'll need that, lol.

    You can see the fill neck/temp sensor setup bolted to the engine mount.  Eventually, I'll find the right gauge for it and add it to the dash along with the other various gauges.

    A shot at the belt tensioner.  Using bronze bushings, I stuck two idler pulleys together in a steel box and press them into the belt using a threaded rod and a couple of nuts.  I'll get more detailed pics of this later.



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