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    Rudder accessories.  The 3 pieces on the lower half are the rudder arms which, with the use of a linkage arm, will connect the rudders together.  Also, they're the cable's pivot arms.  The other pieces get attached to the trim wing (shown below) to hold the rudders in place.  They allow the trim wing to move without affecting the rudders movement.

    Rudder mounts attached to the trim wing.

    There will be a spacer under the linkage arms that will bring the rudders all the way up to the trim wing.  For now, I'm just testing the fit and movement.

    Ahh yes, my favorite linkage, an Aluminum yard stick.  This is the ONLY item I buy at Wal-mart.  They work great for connecting rudders, and make it VERY easy to drill holes in the right place for each rudder :-)

    I hooked up one of the Push/Pull cables to test out the throw and rudder angles.  I think I settled on 2" +/- out from the rudder pivot.  It gives me better than 50 degrees of swing each way.

    Here's the control stick.  The EMT will go under the seat to meet up with the cables.  The steel bar at the end will allow for the right amount of stick to rudder movement.  I used a cheap Mt. bike flat bar for the stick.  They're light, strong, and comfortable.  The trim wing cable will attach below the pivot on the stick for forward and backward movement.  I bought a shift boot to go over the hole in the seat for the stick.

        Here's the finished product.  I've welded on a chunck of steel to mount the cable clamp to for the trim wing.  Oh yeah, I've scrapped the shift boot.  It wasn't large enough, and made it hard to move the stick.

    Rod ends and a bolt connect the cable to the arm for steering.

    Using furniture clamps, I'm able to figure out where best to mount the cables at rudders.

    Rudder cable attachment

    Trim wing cable attachement



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