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    Outer skirt tack strips are on.  Like the inner tack strips, they're made from Kevlar felt.  I used 1 layer this time.  After a quick test, I've concluded that one layer is more than adequate.

    Finally the seats have been glassed to themselves, and to the deck.  Before I laid down the glass, I made a fillet, which is made from thickened epoxy and rounded by using either a tongue depressor, or in my case, the back of a plastic spoon.

    You can see the contour of the fillet here

    More of the seat.  Also, here's the felt before it's been epoxied.  I cut it using SHARP fisker scissors.

    I've started adding filler to the body to smooth out any imperfections and to make the surface as smooth as, well, glass :-)

    Also, I'm prepping the nose for glass....Again, finally!

    The nose has been glassed and now waits for some filler to smooth it out.

    The two pieces sticking out will support the lower rudder mount.  I plan on adding several layers of glass to these to help prevent breakage.  The last thing I want is for my rudders to go flying off at 60 mph!

    I ran tubing through the firewall to run the all of the wires, fuel line, and throttle linkage.  The hole on the right is for wires, and the other is for the fuel line and linkage.

    First coat of filler sanded down on the outer hull.  I figure 1 more coat should do it.  I use Phenolic Microballons from Raka.  It's very light weight and sands pretty well.

    I've added a little foam to the rear to act as a splash guard for small waves.  It's not much, but should work for most waves I encounter on bubble, and smaller ones while in displacement mode (off bubble).

    This was way too much work.  I (alone) tilted the hover on it's side to do some filling in the lift duct.  In the future, I think I'll ask for help!  LOL



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