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    The hull is made from 2 - 2" thick pieces of foam glued together to make a 4" thick hull.  Funny how that works :-)  I used 1/8" Marine Grade plywood for the cockpit floor surface.  It will provide a sturdy platform for foot traffic, and should hold up better than straight fiberglass.

    The hole for the lift duct has been cut already.  At this stage, it doesn't have to be perfect, just in the right place.

   At the bottom right corner of the picture, you can see some of the 24 18 gallon Rubbermaid containers filled with water, which I used to laminate the hull together with.

    This gives an idea of how big the craft is.  Look at the hover in relationship to the window.  At the rear, the craft is 7 ft wide.

    A shot of the weight used.  All together, I had close to 2000 lbs on the hull.  Not as much as vacuum bagging would bring, but it worked.  Call it the poor mans laminating tool.



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