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Here are some '04 winter pics!

I started designing Oblio in late February of 2002.  The plan was to create a hovercraft that possessed positive traits of both pointed and square nosed craft.  It had to be more aerodynamic than a rectangle craft, and plane quicker as well.  It should handle transitions better than a pointed craft, with less of a tendency to slide to one side, and be more stable with less roll.  Most importantly, it had to eat up large waves and boat/barge wakes with little to no trouble.  The resulting design is a little something I call Oblio.

I got the name Oblio from an early '70's animated TV movie called, The Point.  Oblio is a young boy who lives in the town of Point.  Everything there has a point, including buildings, trees, even people.  Oblio is the only exception, his head is round.  Get where I'm going with this :-)



Length:  16'
Width:  7'
Thrust:  3 cylinder Geo
Lift:  12.5 hp Briggs turning a 30-24 fan
Hull Material:  Composite foam, fiberglass, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber
Capacity:  +/- 800 lbs, with seating for 5-6.  Plenty of enclosed storage!
Speed:  55 mph on water. 65+ on snow/ice

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