"And Now For Something Completely Different..."

Yes, another hovercraft.  I needed something a little bigger and faster then The Toy.  Mainly, I want more than a one person capacity.  In early February, '01, I designed and started building another hovercraft.  This one is going together from scratch.  While the new, bigger and faster hover may resemble a culmination of different style craft out there, it truly is my own design, from the skirt, up.

I've been thinking about building a UH-12T4 for some time.  In fact, the 12T4 was almost my first hovercraft, but I just couldn't resist the sexy lines of the 19P.  I'm designing my own because I want it to come together quickly, and I'm building from foam to aid in weight and build time.   With limited framing structure, the hovercraft will be light, cheap to build, unsinkable, and very strong.

The lower hull is loosely based on the 10F, an the top/cockpit is loosely based on the UH-12 series.  For now, I'm calling it "Light Hovercraft Design 12F" or "LHD-12F."  (F = Foam).  I've thought about real names, and have settled on either the Sportsman, Explorer, or Super Toy.  It's a twin engine craft, so I'll be able to keep the speed down while "Exploring," and "Fishing (Sportsman)" and maintain a cushion.  That's something you can't do in the 10F.

Update:  (06-04-2002) Recently, I decided to cut out all of the wood framing members and replace them with foam.  The wood rips and stringers did nothing but add weight.  The hull is still as strong as ever.


Speed:  Water: 38-46 mph
                 Ice/Snow: 48 mph

Capacity:  Water:  2 - 170 lb adults
                     Ice/Snow:  500 lbs

Drivetrain:  Lift: 10hp Tecumseh, 26" fan
                      Thrust:  20hp Honda, 48" Prop

Okay, you want to see some pictures??  Here, have some eye candy :-)

Lower Hull    Upper Hull    Lift Duct    Thrust Duct    Skirt    Engines    Cockpit    Finished

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