Cruising Lake Pepin
And other MN waters

Here are some pics.  Enjoy. 

Flying the Crow and Mississippi rivers - Spring

    Lift fan bolts sheered off.  OUCH.  Luckily I was able to back the stubs out and replace them with a mix of parts on hand.  This happened 7 miles up the Crow river, a small twisty river in Central MN.

    Looking for as many washers as I can get.  The spare bolts that I had were too long, so I needed to put washers on before the nut, otherwise I'd run out of threads.

    Hmm.......Is this legal?

    Sure hope my ISP doesn't get a hold of these pics! LMAO

    The peanut gallery.  Truthfully, they were a great help.  Later on, Dennis and I went to Menards to pick up the right size bolts.  The fan dropped after 7 miles.  We ended up doing 87 miles all together that day.

    Dave Schneider and a hover builder.  I've completely forgotten his name.  Dave, help.   Here we're on the Mississippi river.

    Dennis Alm

    This is after around 75 miles of flying.  We were all getting a little stiff and tired. 

    Yeah, the windshield is dirty, but oh well.

    I came up on these Geese just before the landing.  It was pretty cool watching them fly beside me for a while before heading off. 

Pepin - 8/21/04

    We were sitting on the sandbar having lunch when it dawned on me.  This scene looks like it's right out of a Popular Mechanics Magazine back in the day.  I call it, "Family of the Future"

    Later on in the day, I ended up jumping this sandbar.  A boater near by decided that they weren't going to stick around and "watch this idiot kill someone!"  Terry heard them say that as they backed away.  Obviously, he didn't know what hovercraft are capable of. 

    Just hiting the sandbar early in the morning.  The day started out nice and calm, but once the wind picked up, and the hundreds of boats churned the water, it became quite a sea of chop.  I had a lot of fun plying in the MASSIVE wakes left by some mighty larger cruisers.  This outting is the first time that I've put the plow plane to the test.  It worked flawlessily!!  The lift engine stayed dry, and the nose never plunged into the wakes.  I'm a very happy camper...I mean designer!