Flying with Charles in Mooosouri

The Amigo at the "farm"

I'll make this short and sweet.  In early July, I drove down to Missouri to spend some time with Charles Dixon on  his "Farm".  After driving 6 hours straight South through Iowa and most of MO, I finally arrived.  After a short tour of his house and surrounding area, he took me on a long trip around his property on a 4 wheeler.  It's pretty incredible!  Of course, the best part is his private lake, stocked with giant panfish and Large Mouth Bass!  The first couple of days out there, we fiddled with his craft, rejetting for the warmer temps (100 degrees every day!), fished, and spent time indoors with the AC blasting.  We spent some time driving around checking out a small river to hover, and when the engine was tuned correctly, we packed up and headed out.  After unloading the hover onto the river, we jumped in and flew on our way.  The river was hardly a stones throw across and had a few turns and obstacles about.  After about a 1/4 mile, we went around a bend and, "WHAT THE @$%$%?!"  I swore I saw a Moose with its back turned to us.  Nope, no Moose, there were cows everywhere!  Cows in the water, cows to the right, cows to the left, cows straight ahead...Cows up on the bluff, and the river........Well, it kinda stopped.  It literally ran into a gravel bar and stopped.  We pulled up onto the bar and watched the cows watch us.  They looked at us as if to think, "what in the hell are you?"  Everything was calm until Charles shut down the engines.  That's when 30 or so cows decided to stampede from the left to right about 20 ft in front of the hover.  All the while, I'm sitting in the craft laughing my @ss off.  It was, by far, the funniest thing I've ever encountered in my hovering days. We scouted out the gravel bar a bit, then decided to head back,  passing the landing only to find a log jam a couple hundred yards later.  We again turned around and flew up the ramp.  Charles backed the trailer down to wet load the hover, hopped in the craft, flew upriver a bit and started to do a 180.  About half way through, his steering cable snapped, making the rudders 100% useless!  With a lot of leaning, and a throw rope, he managed to make it back to the trailer.  We unloaded the hover and went home.  All was not lost, though.  How often do you fly right into a herd of cows?!?!

    One of the "baby" fish.  Compared to some of the stuff we were catching, this is a minnow!

    Packing up to go hovering




    Okay, get the point yet?  No?  Okay....SOME MORE COWS!  hehe

Next time you're down in MO and want to practice your hovering skills, give Charles a call.  Tell him you want to go herd some cows!