July Hoverin
St. Paul, MN

First, I'd like to thank Dennis for starting the annual July hoverin here in St. Paul.
Second, I'd like to thank Michael Courtney for letting me use his pictures of the hoverin.  Half of what you see he took, and did a great job.  Thanks Michael!

All right, what a trip!  We had 4 hovercraft at this years Fort Snelling hover cruise.  Dennis Alm with is Weber, Dave Schneider and his 13P, Michael Courtney and the M.A.D. Mag Weber, and myself, Dave LaCombe with the LHD-12F.

We showed up at around 9 am and started getting ready for the days cruise.

The LHD waiting to be unloaded.

Lookin' good!

LHD coming in for a landing, everyone watch out!  

Dave showing off his beautiful hover to some future builders.

If you can't find me, check my hover, 'cause I'm bound to be in it!

I love this shot.  The water was smooth the entire day which made for some great hovering. The weather was perfect as well.  I couldn't have asked for a better day, or cruise!

I was hoping to snap Dave through the duct.  You can kind of see him to the left of the right rudder (as you see it)

Dennis and his Starcruiser.

Dave's friend Paul is applying new graphics to the 13P.

Dennis talking to Michael, probably about daisy chains and melted holes in gas tanks.  hehe

still at the landing, talking nothing but hovers.

Several rides were given.

I think that's Dennis.  Dennis had 3 headsets so that Michael, Dennis, and I could talk to each other.  It worked pretty well, but picked up a lot of interference.  

Michael sneaking up on me.


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