Dennis Alm's River Cruise
St. Paul, MN

This cruise would be The Toy's madian voyage.  I had stayed up until 3am the night before putting the finnishing touches on her before this days trip.  Well, I made it down to the river, but before I joined the cruise, I took her out for a short spin to test her sea legs.  The Toy worked great, so I decided to join everyone for a day of hovering.  I was able to keep a good pace with everyone, until we stopped at a mud bar on the Minnesota river, about 3 miles upstream from the launch.  That's when I descovered my makeshift steering system was failing.  I decided it best to turn back while I was ahead and make some mods.  I've since done a complete overhaul on the steering system, replacing everything, and changing the design.  Now, it's absolutely bomb proof (see Toy Page)