Muscoda Hoverin, '00

UH-19P Pictured is owned
John Windt

Thank you, John, for going over your beautiful hover with me.  I learned a lot of great tips from you which will make my hover that much more enjoyable.  Also, thank you Linda Webber for inviting me to the hoverin.  I had a great time!  Check out the great design for a bow light by Dennis Alm of Minnesota.

Important Tip for all UH-19P builders.  At the hoverin, I spent about an hour talking to John Windt about his hover.  In the plans, it says to install 10 ft landing skids from the stern forward.  John suggested adding bow landing skids.  They'll do two things for you.  Add extra landing surface, and more importantly, protect the skirt from being ripped out from the tack strips on steep landings.  The Muscoda landing was about as steep as they come, and he said on hovercraft as long as the 19P, they have a tendency to plow into the bank before heading up.