While I was in school, I wasn't able to work on the real hovercraft often enough.  To offset my eagerness to build, I built a 10th scale model using the actual hovercraft plans, balsa wood and super glue.

    Spar varnish was used to treat the wood and make it completely water tight.

    The only thing left to do is to make and install the skirt made of either 1 mm. garbage bags, or super light weight piano felt.  As I've been telling my friends, it's really weird thinking of my hovercraft back home (the real one) taking up nearly 20 ft X 7 1/2 ft of garage space and then look at the model sitting on my living room floor.  Also, in building the model, I've learned a lot about the construction of areas I haven't yet built on the real hovercraft.  My only concern right now is the weight of the model.  I just hope it'll be able to hover with the batteries and motors.  I guess I'll find out soon enough.

    Front shot of model

    Here, all of the skin has been attached, both ducts have been made (used Great Stuff expanding foam and balsa wood for lift duct), and the motors are in place.  I used Radio Shack 9-18 volt, high RPM DC motors for thrust and lift.  I bought a high pitch prop from a hobby story for the thrust.  I hand made a 4 bladed fan out of balsa wood for lift. It really turned out nice, and is a scaled down version of it's full sized brother.  I'm yet to slap on a skirt.

    Here you can see the lift duct and fan.

    A side view.  I could have made the model lighter by using pink foam, but I wanted to build an exact scale model.  If it hovers, great.  If not, it makes a great mantel piece