Hover Links

Manufactured craft and Clubs

Hoverclub of America - Join a club and watch your knowledge grow
Hoverclub of Great Britain - Good info
Hoverlovers -  A Yahoo based group talkin' hovers.  Lots of fun and informative
alt.rec.hovercraft - A google group talking about hovercraft and hover related technologies
Universal Hovercraft - This is where it all began
Weber Hovercraft - Nice people building great hovercraft
The Coffman's Hover Page - Custom built hovercraft and Vinyl Graphics

Barry Palmer's Sevtec - The SUV of hovercraft
Hover Shuttle - Wisconsin based passenger hovercraft manufacturer
All Surface Vehicles - Aussie hovercraft website with a pretty sweet R/C model!
St. Louis Hovercraft - Hovercraft, parts, good info
Hovergo - Transportation systems

Personal Websites

The Hovercraft Homepage - Loads of info including pictures, hover classifieds and calculators
Terry's WIG - Construction and action pics of one of the nicest looking hovercraft out there
The Hovercrafters Resource - Lots of good information and pictures of different craft
Mike's Hovercraft Page - Check out another UH-19P in progress
Rob's UH-19P - Check this baby out.  It's looking great, Rob!
Kurt's UH-19P - And another UH-19P project
My Hovercraft Project - You guessed it, another UH-19P
Dave's UH-19P - Another Dave building the UH-19P
Charles Dixon's Viper - Check out the sweet machine Charles has put together! With Video!  Buy his Race
video DVD, it's amazing!
Zach Bell - Zach's hover page.  He's built a 10F, UH-18SP WIG, and some models
Jeremy's UH-10F - Check out this great looking 10F being constructed
Mike Jacobson's Modified 13P - Here's a nice, and FAST 13P
Dave Schneider's 13P - Wilderness running 13P
Brendin's UH-13P - Here's a 13P builder that looks well on his way
Mark Lessard's UH-13PT and UH-10F - Check out the new UH-13PT.  Looks great, Mark!
Ken Roberts - Many many pics of all sorts of hovercraft, including his new WIG

Mark's UH 17T Construction Site - Nice looking craft
Wouter's Hover - Check out his homebuilt beauty
Homebuilt Hover - Looks like a little 10F
Personal Hovercraft - This is a neat looking personal hovercraft
Gordon's Homebrew hovercraft - This is a very unique hovercraft.  Nice stuff
David Bosworth's many craft - 12T4 and "Lil hover"
Rob Tilton - Many hover models, pictures and video
Petteri Uusitalo - Sev Explorer project
Craig's Hover Projects - You have to see the "Wizard!"  It's really something!
Ray Matthews - A Weber hovercraft cruiser.  Plenty of pictures!
Chris's Mustang -  Check out this hover.  Wow!
Ed Hurn - Check out his hovercraft racing videos from the UK.  WOW!  You've gotta see this.
Bruce Einarson - Great looking twin engine 13P

Hovercraft related supplies

Surplus Unlimited - Great source for boating supplies, and Morse Push/Pull cables for Steering
US Composites -  Quality epoxy, glass, carbon, kevlar and fillers for a Great Price!
Wicks Aircraft Supply - All sorts of stuff for your toys.  Inexpensive Urethane foam
Northern Tool and Equipment - Small engines and trailer parts
California Power Systems - Many usefull parts for hovercraft
Tulsa Engine Warehouse - Great deals on small engines
Small Engine Warehouse - Another good source for small engines
Raka - Inexpensive suppliers of epoxy, fiberglass, and other supplies needed to build a hovercraft
Clark Craft - Boat building supplies
Nippon Motors - Where I bought the JDM Geo engine